Thing 10

Just completed Thing 10 and the Wiki adventure. It was a very interesting journey through seven missions of creating and editing a Wikipedia page. Definitely worth doing.

Thing 7 Twitter

I signed up and chose 10 people to follow.

I was almost immediately followed by someone whom I blocked! Then I pressed something that gave me a whole load of unwanted football tweets. I then found out how to work the privacy settings, enjoyed a bit of feed from the people I have chosen to follow and will build up from there.

Thing 6 Accessibility

Found out how to make my phone give a larger font. Helpful!

Thing 5 Diversity

I think that diversity and tolerance will not be solved by colouring in emoji's. They really needed to start again with an understanding that the full breadth of humanity in all its beauty, intelligence, strength, wisdom, compassion and creativity is to be found in all of us.

My emoji: hope you're all having fun with 23 Things!

Thing 4 Digital Security

This was an interesting one. I had not thought of Apps being able to access my other information. It made sense, of course, but I was glad to find where I could read through some of the Apps on my phone and find out what permissions they were allowed. There was nothing sinister that I could see, but I am glad to have been made aware of this.

I think it is wise advice to 'Treat your phone as your wallet'.

Thing 3 Digital Footprint

I googled my name and found a link to my Facebook profile at the top. Most of my Facebook is set to private so just a bit of headline information there. I found my Linkedin profile by typing in my name and 'Linkedin'. I don't keep this up to date much.

When I typed in my name and my town's name I found a link to a video of my talk on commercial sexual exploitation at a conference fringe meeting run by the political party that I am a member of  from 2016. Second from the top was a picture of me speaking at another event on the same topic. It is certainly easy it is to find out a person's current interests!

Apart from that I discovered a few other interesting people with my name: a police chief who has resigned prior to an investigation, a social worker and feminist from Wales who died in 2014 and an American painter and miniaturist from the early 19th century.

It looks like I don't have much of a digital footprint, but I will endeavour to keep my Facebook privat…